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Danielle & Ian // Scenic Beach State Park // Seabeck, WA

November 21st, 2020

This PNW Engagement session was a little extra special for me. I’ve know Danielle and Ian for ten years now! We all went to high school together and met freshman year. To say that was 10 years ago is blowing my mind, but we’ll slide right past that for now. To say that these two are the kindest humans I know is the understatement of the year! Their relationship started out as a strong friendship for many years and we were all so happy when they got together. You could only imagine how excited everyone was when they got ENGAGED!

We met at Scenic Beach State Park in Seabeck, WA to take these adorable pictures. Scenic Beach has always been a great place to get that classic PNW feel for engagement pictures. Because the beach is only a minute walk from the parking lot you can get a wide variety of pictures! The tall trees give that PNW feel and the beach gives you a great view of the Olympic Mountains on a clear day.

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PNW Engagement // Scenic Beach, WA

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