Reflection Lake Engagement // Mt. Rainier National Park

Reflection Lake // Mt. Rainier National Park // Paradise, WA

Kassidy & Daniel

For my whole life I have seen Mt. Rainier from a distance. Driving up any hill in my home town you would get a beautiful glimpse, and then it would duck back down behind the horizon. But it wasn’t until I made the trip to Paradise, WA did I get to truly get to appreciate this beauty. The mountain took up half of the sky as I was driving up the winding road for this Reflection Lake engagement.

Kassidy and Daniel were up for anything during their session, and let me tell ya they killed it! We walked around the lake and explored through the alpine trees, and yes, struggled with all the dang mosquitos… In the future I will be dousing myself in bug spray! I could go on and on about how beautiful this Reflection Lake engagement session was but honestly, the pictures speak for themselves.

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