Christmas Proposal // Tree Farm

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Jenn and Conner // Bacon’s Tree Farm // Belfair, WA

December 12th, 2020

I have know Conner for years now… My boyfriend has known him even longer. We went to high school together and I have felt so lucky to see this relationship bloom over the last few years. This Christmas proposal at Bacon’s Tree Farm was just BEAUTIFUL! Conner and Jenn met in College and from very early on I knew they were the real deal.

Conner wanted to make sure Jenn was surprised when he popped the question. So when we started planning this moment I knew my holiday mini sessions would be the perfect time. We told her it was a present for Conner’s mom and for the first half it was business as usual. After walking around the rows and rows of Christmas trees I told Jenn I wanted to take a few pictures of just her. That gave Conner enough time to stash the letter in one of the trees. We walked back and the first thing Jenn saw was the letter. Conner then followed with the kneel and ring, and the rest is history!

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Christmas Proposal // Tree Farm

Christmas Proposal // Tree Farm

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