Lynzey 101

Believe it or not I'm a pretty simple girl... other than how you spell my name. There are no S's or D's here folks, my name is spelled just as weird and unique as my soul. Anywaaayyyy, here are just a few things about me!
I absolutely love my dogs, I have some minor trust issues with cats, and my all time favorite topping for almost anything is pineapple. (probably the most polarizing thing about me) I'm the kind of girl that looks for any excuse to wear sweatpants or leggings because, let's be honest, who doesn't love being comfy all day. I have a love-hate relationship with working out and I always have a craving for dark chocolate. I can binge watch Netflix as if it was an Olympic event and I like to think that I am one damn good chef. 

Let's face it...

I'm a Goofball with a capital "G"!

I'm all about letting loose and having a fun time. And I promise that you'll see a few of these impressive dance moves during your session! You'd be surprised how much music can help you relax when there's someone with a camera in front of you.

sound on!

Big Discount Bucket List

getting married in one of these locations?

>Banff National park
>YOSEMITE National Park
>JOSHUA Tree National Park

a few of my favorite things...

my pups!

the office


cold brew



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