Olympic College Graduation Pictures

Mckenna // Class of 2020

Mckenna started her journey into the working world before she even graduated high school. Through a program ran through her school and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard she started earning high school credit while getting paid to survey different jobs in the shipyard. After she finished her work study and graduated high school, Mckenna started working full-time at PSNS. Which for anyone who lives around the Kitsap area knows, that is no easy feat getting into the shipyard that fast. Shortly after she started working full-time she applied and got accepted into the apprenticeship, which allowed her to continue working and go to school at the same time. Two years after entering the apprenticeship she is graduating with a college technical degree and is on her way to complete her path to being a Journeyman. I see great things in the future for this strong willed young woman!



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